Project team

  • Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec, Assistant professor
    specialised in the history of slavery
  • Léon Robichaud, Associate professor,
    specialised in the social history of New-France
    and in history and computing
Research staff
  • Geneviève Piché, graduate student
  • Anne Bruneau-Poulin, undergraduate student
  • Marie Lemonnier, undergraduate student
  • Annie Poulin, graduate student
  • Julie Marleau, graduate student
  • Hubert Sainte-Marie, graduate student
  • Pierre-Olivier Parenteau, graduate student (geography of ethnic groups)
Advisory board
Technical team
  • Paquin Design, graphic design
  • Heather Robichaud, programming
  • Philippe Tardif, programming
  • Olivier Robichaud, translation